Oxygen humidifier or sterile concentrator beaker (Germany)


Oxygen concentrator cups

The Stacks for oxygen-concentrators humidify oxygen, a necessary stage of air treatment before it enters the patient’s airway. Saturating the air with water vapor protects the mucous membranes from drying out.

Oxygen concentrator humidifier design:

  • Water cup made of impact-resistant plastic;
  • Openable lid with pressure release valve;
  • Diffuser;

The oxygen from the oxygen generator flows through the diffuser into the water-filled flask. The humidified oxygen is then delivered to the patient via a cannula.

Precautions for use

The water in the beaker must be changed every day. Preferably use distilled water for humidifiers. The water level must not exceed the maximum permissible level (special marking on the flask) so that no liquid can get inside the concentrator.

Accessory type



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