Fine air filter for oxygen concentrator


Description of the short inlet fine filter

The Fine Filter has a dual function: to filter the incoming air of fine dust particles and harmful micro-organisms. Virus and bacteria filtration is up to 99.9999% effective.

Parameters of the short inlet fine filter

Dimensions 9.5 x 6.1 x 6.5 cm.
Weight 71g.
Air outlet diameter 22mm.
Filter efficiency of 0.027 micron.
Filter complies with ISO standards.

Features of use

Usage life of the filter is 2 years.
Our model is suitable for oxygen concentrators:

  • Kroeber Aeroplus 600
  • Olive – OLV5
  • Olive – OLV10
  • Olive – OLV10 double flow/li>
  • Konsung
  • KSOC-10
  • OX-10
  • OX-10A
  • Alliance 505
  • Companion Bennet 590
  • Devilbiss 515
  • Devilbiss 525
  • Devilbiss ifill
  • Dreger silent care
  • Invacare 5
  • Invacare platinum S
  • Millenium M5
  • Rc5
  • Tokyo 3n


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