Primary filter for oxygen concentrators


Description of the primary deep cleaning filter

The Pre-filter is the first barrier to contamination. It prevents dust and bacteria from getting into the heart of the concentrator: the molecular sieves that absorb all the gases in the ambient air except oxygen (which gives the necessary high concentration at the outlet).

Special uses

The primary air filter should be cleaned (or replaced) when dirty, but at least once a week.

Our model is suitable for oxygen concentrators:

  • Kroeber Aeroplus 600
  • Olive – OLV5
  • Olive – OLV10
  • Olive – OLV10 double flow
  • Konsung
  • KSOC-10
  • OX-10
  • OX-10A
  • Alliance 505
  • Companion Bennet 590
  • Devilbiss 515
  • Devilbiss 525
  • Devilbiss ifill
  • Dreger silent care
  • Invacare 5
  • Invacare platinum S
  • Millenium M5
  • Rc5
  • Tokyo 3n
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