Disposable nasal oxygen tube for children (Germany)


Children’s nasal oxygen tube (cannula)

Description of disposable nasal oxygen tube for children

Nasal oxygen tube (nasal cannula) for children is suitable for oxygen therapy in respiratory failure in various diseases. The oxygen tube is made of hypoallergenic material.


  • Oxygen hose
  • Special connector for oxygen concentrator
  • Nose prongs through which oxygen enters the nasal cavity
  • Flexible part for fixing the cannula on the head

Use features

The nasal prongs are made of thermoplastic material: they become soft from body temperature and take a shape that is comfortable for the patient. The advantage of the oxygen tube is that you can communicate or eat without interrupting your oxygen therapy.

The nasal oxygen tube can be connected to any oxygen concentrator.
The maximum oxygen delivery rate through the oxygen tube is 2-3 liters per minute.


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