Medical children’s mask with oxygen breathing tank, length 10 m (Germany)


Pediatric medical mask with oxygen breathing tank

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Medical children’s mask with a reservoir (bag) for oxygen therapy is used in cases of severe oxygen deficiency. The reservoir is equipped with a special valve: oxygen from the concentrator enters the bag, when you inhale it reaches the patient, when you exhale the air does not go back into the bag, but exits through the special valves in the mask. This way the maximum concentration of oxygen is achieved.

A high concentration mask is useful when moving the patient, in the post-operative period. Prolonged oxygen therapy with a high concentration mask is not recommended.


Properties of the high concentration mask

  • The mask is anatomically designed to significantly reduce possible discomfort during use
  • Made of hypoallergenic material: no latex
  • An elastic band secures the mask to the head
  • Fixes to the bridge of the nose with a comfortable aluminum nose piece
  • Special flaps on the mask prevent the ambient air from penetrating, resulting in a high oxygen concentration
  • Includes 10 m oxygen tube
  • Suitable for children
Accessory type

Masks with a bag

Mask type

for children

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