Accessory Kit for Philips portable Oxygen Concentrator


Complete necessary set of Philips portable oxygen concentrator

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Portable oxygen the Philips SimplyGo concentrator is equipped with all the necessary accessories for convenient use almost wherever you want: at home, on vacation, at work, traveling is provided for hub transportation shoulder bag or special folding trolley with enlarged wheels and a telescopic handle. These accessories are thought out to the smallest detail, have convenient Velcro fasteners and roomy pockets. For accessories to the oxygen concentrator (battery, chargers, cannula, oxygen mask, etc.) there is a special bag , which is attached to the handle of the trolley with a wide Velcro.
Philips oxygen concentrator is equipped with an additional rechargeable battery , which ensures the operation of the device for about 3 hours, which makes it an ideal choice for both home use and for conducting therapy in the absence of a network. The kit also includes battery charger . And a power supply for connecting to a car cigarette lighter.
For the best efficiency of oxygen therapy, a set is provided а Respironics air humidifier that connects to a portable hub. It includes a standard oxygen humidifier tank, a case for a humidifier bottle and a hose for attaching it.


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