Oxygen humidifier or oxygen cocktail individual


has two functions: it humidifies oxygen before it is delivered to the patient and creates oxygen cocktails – an oxygenated beverage whipped up into a foam.
Humidifying oxygen is a necessary step in the processing of the air before it enters the respiratory tract. Saturating the air with water vapor protects the mucous membranes from drying out.

Peculiarities of oxygen cocktails

Oxygen cocktails are created on the basis of phyto tea, juice, milk or other beverage. The drink is mixed with a foaming solution in the cocktail drinker, then the cocktail drinker is connected to an oxygen concentrator. The oxygen is mixed with the base drink and foam is formed. The ready oxygen cocktail must be drunk immediately.

Approvals for oxygen cocktails

An oxygen cocktail is a tasty way to prevent hypoxia in adults and children. The drink is also used as an aid in diseases of the respiratory, cardiovascular system, metabolic disorders.

About the necessity of using oxygen cocktails in your case should consult a doctor.


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