Philips Millennium M10 10L Oxygen Concentrator (USA)


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Description of the Philips Millennium M10 10L oxygen concentrator

The Millennium M10 oxygen concentrator for rent is designed for an oxygen flow of up to 10 l/min. The device, created by the reliable American company Philips, works according to the method of molecular filtration (extracts oxygen molecules from the ambient air). The device is suitable for use both in hospitals and at home.

Applications for use

Oxygen therapy for respiratory failure accompanying various heart and lung diseases.

The device increases oxygen supply to tissues, normalizes heart rate, increases patients’ resistance to physical stress, as well as positively affects the psycho-emotional sphere and the general well-being of seriously ill people.

Characteristics of the Philips Millennium M10 Hub

The Philips Millennium M10 concentrator produces up to 10 liters of oxygen per minute and is equipped with a nasal cannula and breathing mask. Flow saturation is 90-96%. The maximum level of noise produced by the device is 50 dB, which is comparable with the work of any usual household appliance.

Working voltage is 220 V with a frequency of 50 Hz, and power consumption – 0.585 kW.

Desirable features

With an output of 10 liters per minute, the Philips Millennium M10 Oxygen Concentrator measures 69x48x33 cm and weighs 24 kg.
High capacity unit:
10 l/min;
High air quality:
Flow saturation is 90-96%;
Low noise level:
<50 dB(A);
some types of alarms for malfunctions, reduced air supply or other problems;
no risk of drying out the respiratory tract, precise dosage, fire safety.

0-10 л/мин

Уровень шума

<50 Дб


92+/-4 %


відключення або зменшення припливу повітря до приладу, відключення живлення в мережі, дефект сполучної трубки, канюлі або маски, низька концентрація кисню, пережимання або блокування кисневої трубки


0,585 кВт




69х48х33 см


24 кг



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