Invacare Platinum Mobile oxygen concentrator for rent

Portable Oxygen Concentrator Platinum Mobile (XPO2 new) from the German manufacturer, providing high mobility and comfort for people who need oxygen therapy.

The Invacare Platinum Mobile oxygen concentrator (XPO2 new) is a new product from the German manufacturer Invacare. The main advantage of this model is its ability to work independently for up to 10 hours thanks to two removable batteries (the second one is rented separately). In addition, the small weight of the portable concentrator is only 2.2 kg, the shock-resistant and moisture-proof housing gives patients in need of oxygen therapy freedom of movement and the opportunity to lead an active lifestyle.
The XPO2 is simple and easy to use, with just 4 buttons with intuitive symbols and a two-stage battery drain alarm system (30 and 15 minutes before full discharge).
This model of concentrator is ideal for patients with weak respiratory muscles, who have weakened breathing and even children, since the threshold of operation of the pneumatic valve is only 0.18 cmh2o.

Main features:

  • operation from 2 rechargeable batteries-up to 10 hours;
  • battery full charge time-4 hours;
  • weight – 2,2 kg;
  • noise level-40dB;
  • oxygen capacity-1-5 litres/Min;
  • pulsed oxygen flow (supply on inspiration);
  • low threshold of operation of the pneumatic valve-0,18 cmn2o.

24х19х10 см

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0-5 л/мин


2,6 кг

Noise level

<40 дБ

Battery life

10 часов




низкий уровень заряда батареи

power supply

12 В (автомобильный прикуриватель), 220В


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